I am a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Labs Zurich in the MLE team.

I did my Ph.D. in the ERODS team at the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble. My advisors were Dr. Renaud Lachaize and Prof. Vivien Quéma. From June to September 2017, I was an intern at Oracle Labs Zurich, inside the Walnut team, working on leveraging the Graal compiler within the Oracle database and existing big data technologies. I received my Bachelor degree in 2013 and my Master degree in 2015 from the University Joseph Fourier.


My primary research interests are in Operating Systems and Multicore Architectures, Application Virtual Machine, Databases and Compiler technologies.


Lock - Unlock: Is That All? A pragmatic Analysis of Locking in Software Systems. Rachid Guerraoui, Hugo Guiroux, Renaud Lachaize, Vivien Quéma and Vasileios Trigonakis. In ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (ACM TOCS), Volume 36, Issue 1, Article 1 (March 2019).

Understanding the Performance of Mutual Exclusion Algorithms on Modern Multicore Machines. Hugo Guiroux. Ph.D. thesis. University Grenoble Alpes, 2018.
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Multicore Locks: The Case Is Not Closed Yet. Hugo Guiroux, Renaud Lachaize, and Vivien Quéma. In Proceedings of the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC), June 2016.
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[IUT - First year students] Algorithmique et développement web (Teaching assistant)
[IUT - Professional BSc] Programmation mobile et web services (In charge of the course)

2015 - 2016

[IUT - First year students] Algorithmique et développement web (Teaching assistant)


Member of the Doctoral School 2016 Ph.D. Day Organization Committee.
Member of EuroSys 2017 Shadow Program Committee.